Friday, February 5, 2016

Meal Charging Policy Takes Effect February 8, 2016

A new School Board approved meal charging policy goes into effect on Monday, February 8. This is the same protocol that has been followed in past years, but it is now a board approved policy.

Any student who has a negative balance of $20.00 or more on their account  will receive a "safety meal" consisting of cereal and a milk instead of the breakfast or lunch meals listed on the menu for that day. This safety meal will continue until the student's lunch account returns to a positive status and will resume again anytime the account reaches a negative balance.

Letters have been mailed and will continue to be mailed home to families on a weekly basis explaining the procedure. Emails have also been sent if a valid email address is in the system. 

The full policy, Fiscal 129: Meal Charging Policy,  can be found on the Board of School Committee web site: A link is also located on the Food and Nutrition Services web site. Look on the left menu for Meal Charging Policy.