Sunday, October 7, 2018

Creative and Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Fund raising doesn't always have to be just about food! Take a look at some of suggestions below and be sure to use your creativity. Sometimes the simplest ideas make the biggest impact!  If you don't find something from the list below that fits your school, please check out the web sites at the bottom of the page for more ideas.


  • paint nights
  • rubber bracelets with relevant messages
  • cell phone chargers
  • walk-a-thons
  • bike-a-thons 
  • jump-rope-athons
  • rent-a-teen helper (rake leaves, water gardens, mow lawns, wash dog)
  • car wash (pre-sell tickets as gifts) 
  • singing telegrams
  • talent shows
  • read-a-thons 
  • haunted house or hayride
  • decorate your own pumpkin contest
  • spelling bee
  • science fairs
  • carnivals (halloween, Easter)
  • dances (kids, father/daughter, family, Sadie Hawkins) 
  • workshops/classes
  • recycling cans/bottles/paper
  • golf tournament
  • bowling night/bowl-a-thon 
  • skate night/skate-a-thon
  • auction (teacher does something for kids)
  • raffles (teachers do a silly activity)
  • magic show 
  • family/glamour portraits 
  • treasure hunt/scavenger hunt 
  • horseshoe competition
  • penny wars (pennies+1 point, nickels+5, quarters+25, team w/most points wins) 
  • raffle (movie passes, theme bags) 
  • conference
  • treasure hunt/scavenger hunt
  • craft sales 
  • corn hole family competition
  • tennis/horseshoe pitching competition 
  • festivals focusing on different cultures
  • Take Your Parents/Grandparents to Lunch Day
  • "Story time with the Principal" class raffle
  • "Principal for the Day" raffle
  • game night 
  • bingo night
  • lotions, soaps
  • greeting cards
  • plants, flowers, bulbs, seeds
  • discount cards/coupon books
  • recycling (cell phones, printer cartridges) 
  • school spirit apparel and merchandise 
  • holiday-themed decorations and greenery 
  • rent a special parking spot 
  • parents’ day/night out — provide childcare with open gym and activities for kids so parents can holiday shop or have an evening out 
  • community craft fairs or garage sales — solicit donated items to sell 
  • raffle tickets with donated prizes and special items — like a front row “VIP” reserved seat at school concert
  • Fruit and vegetables boxes, baskets or bundles
  • Healthy spices and seasonings
  • Cookbook of families’ healthy recipes 
  • Cookware and kitchen utensils 
  • Herb starter kits
  • School seed stores 
  • Farmers markets • 
  • Family nights at healthy restaurants

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